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English Program prathom 2 teacher starting May 2018

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We have a vacancy from May 2018 for a NES primary teacher Nakhon Ratchasima/Korat city centre.

They've asked for NES teacher but if a NNES has exceptional English with a neutral accent they'd be considered.

The post is as a homeroom teacher for a class of 32 prathom 2 students.  Each class has a Thai co teacher.  There are 18 x 50 minute classes a week.  

The subjects taught are,

English 6-7 periods
Science 6 periods
Health 1 period
PE 1 period every 2 weeks
Computers 1 period

The actual list of subjects may be different but its generally English, Science and one or two other subjects.  All books, teaching materials are provided.

All classrooms are aircon with an IP board projector. Teachers all have their own desktop computer and printer. Staff coffee room, free Thai lunch provided.

Science Lab
Maths Lab
computer room
Music Room

all within the department

Pay starts at 35k a month and rises 1k a month every year, after the second year. Visa and work permit paid. 12 month contract. Government Social Health scheme.

There are lots of opportunities for private teaching EP students outside the school which is well paid, obviously thats not part of the contract but it can significantly boost your income, if you're willing to put the work in.

Most teachers have been at the school 5+ years some as long as 15 years. it's a great job with a good boss. The head of EP expects teachers to be 'team players' and help out at weekends once in a while (I'm talking once or twice a year) It is hard work but they rewards make it worth while.

Since I've been there we've been taken on paid trips to Khao Yai, Ko Chang and flown down to Ko Lipe.

I'm sure i've missed stuff out so feel free to ask any questions.


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I clicked send by accident whilst I was typing the initial message so there's full information on here now.


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Just going to bump this up, as they are keen to get someone signed up well before the start of next term. Planning in advance!!!

This is a great job in one of the best EP's in the North East of Thailand. Lots of potential for well paying private work. You'd be joining a well established team of teachers.

NES only.

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