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Teacher's license and the regulations

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1 Teacher's license and the regulations on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:28 pm


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Hello all,

              I hope that you guys are all doing fine and life's good. I just wanted to let you know how my application at TCT was in January one day after teacher's day. The scenery was perfect, perhaps too perfect. Partying teachers photo shooting outside.....

    I really thought that the problem with being there for 365 days ( not 364, or less, happened to another member before) was solved when our assistant director turned out to be quite cooperative and i could basically choose the amount of days in the application form and finally decided that 500 and something would be an okay number.

  All went well, i had my wife with me at Khurusapha. No gloved idiot to see and it looked quite good when we walked in. I took a number and only had to wait 7 minutes and was called to a counter where a youngish woman took my documents and sorted them.

  No certificates, no TOEIC needed and it still looked perfect for me, until the lady called me back to the counter when I already thought I'm good.

     I did think about the possibility that they'd just look in their computer and start with the date when the provisional license was issued. And so it came.

  Even having 564 days written in the application form, the lady wasn't stupid and I soon realized that it wouldn't make sense to continue finding ways around it. Fact was that I couldn't show 365 days and she finally told me that I can come back on the 8th of July this year, with an additional copy of the Poo Oo's license.

       I know, it might be a bit naive to believe that they don't check on the provisional and I couldn't tell them that I was working there for so long when a few days of the same time were covered by a provisional license for my former school. I truly hope that the agency will get a new contract and of course that I'll keep my job. Otherwise I'd have to start at the beginning.

I am not trying to blame anybody than me for it, but the Diploma joke was taking three times longer than expected. Without their "not kosher practices", it would have been done already a while ago. But it's not as bad as a broken leg.

  I thought it might be important for people who are trying to get their license. Have a nice weekend and enjoy life. wai

2 Re: Teacher's license and the regulations on Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:12 am


Wow! You can't make this stuff up. I really can't believe that a teacher would provide false information to a government department and then detail the crime on a public forum.

3 Re: Teacher's license and the regulations on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:00 pm


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Chin up, Sirchai. It will soon be July. Smile

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