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'My Mate Nate' charged in coin prank

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1 'My Mate Nate' charged in coin prank on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:19 pm


What do you think of this?

Asaree Thaitrakulpanich, Staff Reporter @ wrote:BANGKOK — A recent video of a controversial American YouTuber known as My Mate Nate flattening coins on train tracks drew criticism Friday for the hazards it involved.

Footage of Nate Bartling, 23 – an American YouTuber with more than 3 million subscribers who makes videos in Thai – in which he is seen trying to flatten coins by taping them to train tracks was criticized Friday by the state railway authority and netizens for being dangerous. A police summons for Bartling for a previous YouTube stunt in which he is seen pitting his cats against a scorpion is also pending.

State railway Gov. Anont Luangboriboon said Friday by phone that he had not yet seen the video, but added that obstructing rail tracks with objects is illegal and could end up derailing trains.

“Doing this is definitely wrong. Although [it] depends on the width of the tracks and the type of train wheel involved, there is still a chance of the trail derailing,” Anont said.

After a storm of online criticism, Barling posted on Facebook that he had done research on the possibility of a derailment before he shot the video.

“From what we have learned, coins cannot derail trains, because they are flat objects, and are made of material that’s softer than train wheels and tracks,” Bartling wrote in Thai.

He added that no Thai coins were used.

Nonetheless, Bartling said he had removed the video because of the controversy it generated.

According to the Thai Criminal Code Article 230, obstructing railways or tramways with obstacles in a manner which can cause danger to the operation of trains can be punished with six months to seven years in prison and a fine of 1,000 baht to 140,000 baht.

State Railway deputy director Thanongsak Pongpraset likewise chastised Bartling’s latest stunt.

“His actions are definitely inappropriate,” Thanongsak told reporters. “If his actions lead to a train derailing, he will be charged with both civil and criminal punishments. If he damages any trains, he will have to pay damages to state railway.”

Although the video has since been deleted from Bartling’s channel, copies of it exist on social media.

Thai Train Story, a Facebook page dedicated to trains, also criticized Bartling for his actions.
Bartling looks on as a train rushes by in his video.

“Nate, I’d like to warn you as a fellow social content producer… putting metal objects or stones on train tracks can cause the train to derail. Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, but the wheels can get damaged from it,” wrote the administrator in a post Friday. “Putting coins at some angles on the rails can cause them to fly into the train and injure passengers.”

The post added that the YouTuber’s pranks were “getting out of hand.”

“You have a lot of followers and many followers look up to you, and not all of them can analyze and differentiate. I support your good videos, but I have to criticize ones where you did wrong,” it wrote.

It’s not the first time that Bartling – known by his YouTube handle “My Mate Nate” – has irked Thais with his antics. In June, animal lovers filed an animal cruelty complaint about him to the police over a video in which he is seen confronting his cat against a scorpion. Police said they have summoned him for questioning over the matter.

2 Re: 'My Mate Nate' charged in coin prank on Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:08 am


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I'm glad that you came up with this little Prick's weird shit. He came to Thailand as a Mormon and is now making a hell lot of money from YouTube.

  YouTuber My Mate Nate, who makes a bunch of crappy clickbait videos around Thailand, has been outed over his latest offering in which he makes Thai students look stupid due to their apparent lack of English skills after one of the girls featured in the video took to Twitter to say it’s all a bunch of bs.

In the video below you’ll see the clickbait cockwomble asking guys are they on their period making out that their English is so poor they have no clue what he’s asking while in another segment he approaches a group of female students asking where he could find a sanitary tissue in a bid to make a fool of them, one of whom was Twitter user @cherryluvjs.

She took to social media after seeing the finished video saying most of the people she watched him talking to and filming were replying in English, including her and her friends but that didn’t fit with Nate’s plan of making Thai’s look stupid and he asked them to act as if they didn’t understand what he was saying.

I’m one of the people in this video who were interviewed by this guy. The second girl in this video who high-fived him is my friend. She took a picture with Nate then he asked her to be in his video. He asked her to act as if she couldn’t understand English.

     The freak told them to act like they wouldn't understand a word he's saying, but most of them did. When enough people understood what he's trying to do, he made a Wai in front of a running cam and apologized to the Thai people. Of course did he not mean it, it was just his way to be able to continue his sick jokes.

He came as a Mormon and developed to an Oxy- Moron. While others at the airport have to sit in the detention cell, because they don't have enough money to show and are not allowed to go to an ATM, it's a kind of strange that this freak is still free and in Thailand.

 It's time to send the boy back to Trump, of course being blacklisted forever. The money he made should be frozen in, then given to homeless and HIV positive Thai kids.

In November, Bartling publicly apologized for a video where he “tested” people’s

comprehension of English by posting embarrassing questions to them, such as

asking if they were menstruating.

  Shame on this guy.

3 Re: 'My Mate Nate' charged in coin prank on Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:34 pm


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Great news:

50,000 Thai Citizens Sign Petition to Kick American Expat Nate Barling Out of Thailand (My Mate Nate on YouTube)
Bangkok, Thailand: Thais netizens joined forces in an attempt to boot controversial expat YouTuber My Mate Nate out of the country. The latest petition that’s going viral asks the immigration department to cancel his visa and exile him from Thailand.

American Nate Barling’s recent YouTube video, in which he flattened coins on a train track, has drawn criticism over the hazard it may have caused to the train.

The petition, which has been signed by over 50,000 people, demanded that the Thai government kick him out of Thailand because he has “caused public annoyance and disrespected Thai people.” The petition went on to cite his previous misbehavior, adding that his YouTube channel, which he makes profit from, is “easily accessible by children” and is “setting a bad example” to the country’s youth, who staunchly defend him on internet forums.!

2. YouTube show-off Nathan Bartling is facing charges brought by police and railway authorities after posting a video showing coins being placed on the rails for trains to run over. Pol Col Kitti Klinsung,...

Please credit and share this article with others using this link: View our policies at and ©️ Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.

No work permit.
Youtuber Nate Bartling doesn’t have a work permit and records show he has never even applied for one.
However, despite working illegally in Thailand he wont be prosecuted due to an amnesty on foreign workers in place until January.
The 24 year old American has been in hot water since a series of videos have got him in ever increasing trouble. In a latest stunt he put foreign coins on a railway track incurring the wrath of the Thai authorities.
He was charged with trespass and damage to the railways while an online petition signed by 30,000 people demanded he be deported.

4. That all makes me more than happy. Get the Oxy Moron out of this country. No need for such freaks.

Once he's inside of a detention cell, it's party time for me. thumbs up 2 rock on 1 hilarious congratulations rock on 2 coffee handshake

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