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Did anybody prepare some students for a debate yet?

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Sabai dee?

All I know is that a few M.6 students will have to come up with a debate. Unfortunately, did my Thai colleague not give me more information, only that it should be done by using a regional topic.

Without having Googled anything, I'd prefer to hear it from people who've done that before. What are the regulations? How long should it be?

I can only imagine that it's part of a competition that might come up soon, competing against other schools.

P.S. How far could I go? Would Mr. Prayuth as a sort of funny character be appropriate? I do have some good ideas though...lol

Thanks a lot for any useful input. Khop Khun La Lai. - thank you 2


I just taught discussion and debate to my 4th year uni students, so if you need ideas or plans, let me know.

I am sure you know that the topic should steer clear of anything too controversial - but that it should have an easily defined pro and con side, (makes it easier for the teams).

Timing varies depending on the situation.

One thing I would say you should get the students to really work on is the rebuttal - this can be where debates are won or lost.


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Thanks a lot. One of the girls did that last year and it must have been very boring for the students.

      But at least their English is great. All were exchange students before. The one girl is almost totally "Americanized" (maybe a little British would be cool)and really always trying to play the cool American kid. Lol thank you 2

  Cheers and once more Khop Khun maak maak.- thank you 2

P.S. Thanks for your offer, but I'll have to create my own thing/stuff. I could never take somebody's work and sell it as mine. Guess you understand that.

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